The Football Cool Corner, let’s get started!!!

Welcome everybody to this brand new blog for all football lovers, better if you’re cool…If you are not, don’t worry, you are still welcome… we will help you to improve 😉

Here we prefer Olympique de Marseille, Sporting Club de Bastia and Kidderminster Harriers. That’s it! we said it! We have spit it out! We will try very hard not to mention it again, in order not to bother you and to be fair and neutral :)))

But also here we love Football, with a capital F, from beginners to professionals, from conference league to premier league, from Dynamo Kiev to FC Dijon, from Liga Sagres to Bundesligua, from World Cup to Woman’s Asian Cup (where Bahrein won 6-0 against Jordania yesterday by the way).

Here we love the beautiful game and fairplay.

So what we hope to acheive with this blog, is sharing with you our passion and the football way of life.

English is not my mother tongue, I hope I will not make too much mistake…

Com’on guys ! Ball on the spot, kick off, the game begins!!  Subscribe!!!! Have a cool football attitude!


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